Friday, January 26, 2007

Colambo Business

Colambo is the name we usually call for the maxicab doing transportation service for public
in chennai. I donno weter if its ther in other parts of the country or world or universe
One day while travelling i just thought of how much they will be earning per day.
I arrived upon following facts

Daily Expense

Diesel/ltr - 30
Driver plus Kili Charge - 5k/month ; Tax and Misc 1k/month - So 200/- per day
Based up on observation i found Colambo is performing 10 trips of 2okms each per day
So 200kms per day.
I assumed a 5km milege per litre ; Hence 40 ltrs diesel per day which costs 1200/-

Net total will be 1200+200+misc per day
I figured it out to be as 1500/- day
Colambo has a max capacity of 25-30 from start.
A 5 to 7 rs charge based upon distance means roughly 250 to 300 people should travel per day

So per trip if 25-30 people is carried business is said to be no profit no loss.

Next time i will talk about some other business based upon observation