Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to Hairgel

‘Welcome to hairgel mobile and narrowband services’.

It was a lovely welcome message from them. I was impressed and was looking forward to quickly get an answer to my query. Here we go.

'Press 1 for Tamil', good but i donno Tamil.

'Press 2 for Hindi', good but i don't want.

'Press 3 for Portuguese' (what the...).

'Press 4 for Chinese'.

'Press 5 for French.’

'If you are dumb and deaf, press the cancel button'. ( Fantastic ).

'Press 100 for English' (gasp, thanks a lot to hairgel).

Somehow i pressed 100. Again came the message 'welcome to hairgel mobile and narrowband services'(phew, shavangal).Suddenly i felt some speedy train has passed. Oh the lady has said something. Is she telling something or studying for some fastest English shouting course? I just said one word 'Madam' (kreek, jerk...Oh my goodness, here comes the torpedo from hairgel rep).

'Welcome to hairgel mobile and narrowband services. Hairgel is the numero uno in many services which i donno know exactly. We have a unique business model and have created ripples all over India...' (All in 100th part of a millisecond).But i didn't allow her to continue. I howled like a jackal.

'keeeeeeeeeeeeeee, koooooooooooooooo, brrrrrrrrrr'. That was enough for her . Dingading.

Hairgel Rep: "what the...” Wow success. She stopped.

'Madam pls, i don’t want the history of your company. I will read from the website'.

'Thank you sir. I am glad to know that you are a regular visitor to our company website. Don't you want to know the specialties of our unique website sir? Wait a sec.'

'Ayyooooo...Rama Rama'.

'Great to know that you are devotee of ram sir. We provide you exclusive rama ring tones, caller tones, message tones, switch off tones, switch on tones, lost a mobile tones, anti theft tones.'

What should i do? I wanted to thrash this lady like a pulp. This is the limit. But relax buddy.

'May i know your good name lady?'


'Wow, lovely name. I called to point out a mistake from your services but hearing your sweet voice i forgot everything.'

'What sir. I didn't get you'

Yeah, her speedy English got some sudden break. Good start

'Yeah chinky, I love you. I got a decent job and ur sweet. Shall we tie the knot? If you are ready contact me'.

No sound from the other end. Great, I won. Now not in near future she will torture me like this. I planned to do similar bizarre tricks to the other executives also.

'Bye now chinky. Catch you later'.


Aunty-climax (No uncle? Huh ...!)

'Chinky, gimme a cup of coffee'

'Yes dear lemme pack your breakfast'

Ooops. Dingolfications.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Train started again. I was just in after being out to buy some snacks to eat.

‘Lays?'.She nodded her head in disapproval.

The cold air began to pour in again. She didn't seem to affect by the chillness. But i started shivering. I took a thick cloth from the bag and covered myself. As usual some unreserved people have taken some available positions. One guy has taken my favorite position in train, upper berth. You will get all kind of privacy there and no one will be there to disturb you. TTR came and all of a sudden unreserved persons disappeared.

'Who is the second person?’ TTR asked me.

'My wife' I replied back pointing her.

TTR gave a glance and went away.


He was sitting in the chair thinking of something.

'What happened man?' I asked.

'Hey i have to go to bedalla village again.'

'Oh again going to that remote village?’

'Yeah, some more company work. Hey if you are free can you join?’


'Come on man, it's a nice place. You can explore your photographic passion too. You are free right? I am booking tickets for you'.

Soon we were traveling to the place. Me in upper berth as usual. It took around 6 hrs. There were no bus services in the village. We took a bullock cart and reached in front of a house. He had arranged everything and he was quite familiar with this place too. Good thing, otherwise it would have been quite difficult. Although the village wore a primitive look the girls were really beautiful. In fact on the way to house I spotted a few.

‘Hey someone is standing outside’

‘Oh, may be the guide’


‘Yeah man, a helper for you. He will help you to explore the village. Without him it will be difficult for you since you won’t understand their language.’

‘Wow, that’s great man. He can help to find the real beauties in the village. I saw a bunch on the way.’

‘Hey better you stay away from those beauties for sake of your good health’.

Guide’s name was Joseph and he is a migrant here. He showed me many nice places. Finally we were resting near an old temple.

‘Hey who is that girl with that water pot there?’

‘Oh she is madhu; she stays in that small hut there.’

‘Nice girl Joseph, if I get real beauties like this I will give you whatever money you want’

‘We can get sir’

‘Hey I was joking man’

I wanted to take one photo of her but quickly back tracked my idea.

Next day I decided to visit the temple again. My aim was to find madhu again. I found her. But she was in special attire.

‘What is going on there?’

‘It’s special pooja and human sacrifice’

‘What? Human sacrifice?’

‘Yes, but no body will be killed. Every 5 years this ritual happens here. The priests select virgin girls and they are given to the holy deity. Till next year this girl will be in the possession of the priests and after that girl is sold outside to the village. Then the village is sanctified according to them.

‘Everything is fake sir’.

‘I know these priests and they are sending these girls to outside people for money. We can also get them if we pay some amount to them’.

‘Oh. There is no police station here?’

‘No sir, it’s very far away and no one will visit this place. The villagers are hardcore believers and aggressive too.’

I felt sorry for the girl. She was very beautiful.

When I returned home my friend was not there in the house. He had informed me in the morning that he will be late. I felt bored. I slept till evening. Guide had provided me with some local brew. I started enjoying it. Good one. Soon I began floating in air. Nice girls began to come to my mind. Madhu came with the flowers and special attire. Beside her was the guide. He was saying something to madhu and also to me. I pointed to the drawer. He took some money from the purse…

I don’t know how many hours passed. It was total darkness in the room. I burned a candle. Some one is sitting in the corner. It was madhu. Oh my god, what I have done. I felt very bad at myself. What a creature I am. I heard a knock in the front door.

‘Hey, I am lost man’. It was my friend. ‘What happened’ I asked him.

‘I will tell you. The visit to this village was an intentional one. Last time during my visit I fell in love with a village girl who was a helper in my office. We planned to marry, but villagers didn’t allow. So this time we planned to run away. I thought of telling this to you but some how couldn’t. But now she is missing after that ritual. I am searching guide Joseph.’

I was in a shock after hearing this. I know where the girl is. He entered my room. He was shocked to see her in my room and looked at me. I couldn’t face him. She didn’t speak a word. He didn’t speak a word. Within 5 minutes he packed his bag and went out without uttering anything.

I was standing there in darkness disturbed by the candle light.


‘What shall I order for you to eat?’ I asked her and showed signs for eating the food. She didn’t say anything.

‘Give us 2 meals’ I told the pantry man. She never gave me answer for my questions. But still I used to ask her for past 20 years. She never demanded anything. She always gave me an emotionless face. But I know inside her she may be weeping. I never heard any word from her. I never heard any word from my friend too. The 20 years of silence took some sheen from her beautiful face.