Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dear Sunitha,

I don't know how to tell this. Neither do I know how to express my feelings nor i could explain. We knew each other for quite some time....

We three were busy with the preparation for the aug 15th floral competition. Ramu as usual went to the market in morning and may be on his way back. Our lift in 3rd floor went to ground floor. 'Oh some one is coming to this floor'. Gaurd had told yesterday that a new occupant would be coming to T2 flat.I didn't show much interest and continued the final touchings for the green section. Each color of the flag was assigned to each me, ann, priya. One more outer layer has to completed for it to finish. But Ramu has to bring the powder to complete it.

He was a cool dude. Omg not cool really handsome. Don't give such high ratings. Three views of 3 virgin girls. Mine had an extra topping of jealousy. Can't help. He talked to priya first. I had a bad timing. Was busy with decorating my part. And with her exceptional 'vayadi' a.k.a talkative nature it was quite a cakewalk for her to get an upper hand in the proceedings. But none could make much inroads into the relation with him. Thats why i got a crush on him. He didn't show much interest in those flirty type activities. Pakka decent. A great exception to the typical vayanokki. So as we used to see in many films i put a 5kg weight to both of my shoulders. But i think my tactics backfired. Occassionally he will be speaking to only rose or priya and that too upon the constant implementation of 'how to win a guy's heart' theory by a well known author. They started by offering some delicacies ( supposed to be hand made but factually speaking ramu's trademark hand made eateries' ). I kept my ego high. I was in a fix. Nor i could bump into him nor he would do that. Occassionally i will be keeping ramu as a dummy and will pass some glance at him. I will be ordering/discussing with ramu about how a house can be kept in order, what a responsible person,blah . One thing i was sure. He was paying a little attention to me.

I never thought a small knife cut accident will turn out to be my lucky incident. Ramu got scared. He was only 19. Poor boy, he went into opposite flat and called him. I knew this incident was silly. But blood flow didn't stop from the cut. He took me to the hospital and hence start of a relationship .

I think stars have turned to my favour. Both priya and rose got shifts for work and sometimes weekend too. Ramu has virtually became two flat servant. I would insist ramu to go and help and him so that i can join them and eventually into the conversations with him. I made up my mind. He is good. He has also developed and good friendly relationship with me. He was caring too. Good background, family and same religion too. But how can i propose him first. Intially i thought of using ramu as a messenger but my ego didn't permit. He defenitely likes me. But not sure whether he loves me or not. Hurray....!!!!. A email from him with dear sunitha as subject. Omg i can't believe. I was totally out of mind. Gone mad with all kind of feelings.

Dear Sunitha,

I don't know how to tell this. Neither i know how to express my feelings nor i can explain. We knew each other for quite some time.You are my good friend. I think you can help me regarding this. When i first saw ramu among you i felt a kind of emotion or feeling which i do know this will be a shock for you since you can't imagine me in that sense. But this is not wrong right?I can't tell this to ramu. But you can try to

I closed the mail. I couldn't read further. Delete pls Delete

Tell me yaar why you are leaving suddenly. Yeah tell suni what happened

Aaaah , hearing ramu's voice i ran from there.

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